"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela




Autumn Term (2018)

6th Sept - 17th Oct

29th Oct - 18th Dec


Spring Term (2019)

3rd Jan - 15th Feb

25th Feb - 5th April


Summer Term (2019)

23rd Apr - 24th May

4rd Jun - 24th July


Session Times

The playgroup is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm, during term time. .

Morning Session:  9.00am to 12.00 noon

Afternoon Session:  12.00noon to 3.00pm


Before pre-school additional care 8.30am  

After session additional care 3.00pm - 4pm

We now offer the option to pay by the hour also!


Children that access the afternoon sessions are required to bring a packed lunch, alternatively a hot meal can be provided from the school canteen at a charge of £2.30 payable directly to the school in advance.

​Daily Routine

Please find below an example of our daily routine (afternoon session is as the morning).  However, this routine is subject to change if a spontaneous learning opportunity arises or other planned activity (such as an outing or visit) is taking place.

9.00  -  ARRIVAL –  Parent/carer supports child in locating their named drawer in the rack, placing their bag and coat into the box. Children should take the name tag from the box to place into the appropriate lunch register by the kitchen. Lunch boxes can be placed on the kitchen worktop, where staff will place cold food into the fridge until lunch. Please complete the register by the door before leaving

9.15 to 9.30 – CIRCLE TIME - Children are gathered into a large group and are informed of the planned activities, how and where these can be accessed. Visitors are introduced. At circle time children are invited to show items of interest or significance from home and tell the group about these.

9.30 – 11.30 – LEARNING THROUGH PLAY / PLANNED FOCUS ACTIVITY – Children are able to self select activities and materials and engage in learning through play, supported by trained staff.  Staff will develop children’s learning through play, building on previous experiences and knowledge.  Staff also provide planned activities which provide the ‘next steps’ in children’s learning based on observation. Access to the outdoor area is also made readily available and children are encouraged to wear waterproof clothing during wet weather.

9.50 to 10.30 – SNACK TIME – Snack time runs parallel to play and runs for 40 minutes to allow children to finish their activities before coming to snack.  The snack table has space for six children, who are encouraged to check there is space before washing their hands and sitting down for snack and a drink.  Each week we offer a choice of healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, breadsticks, sandwiches etc. The snack routine may change for special events and the children may access snack as a large group.

11.30 to 11.45 – TIDY UP TIME – Children are encouraged to participate in the tidying of all activities and resources, both inside and out.  If the children are outside after tidying up they are escorted inside and assembled at the door for a headcount before outdoor access is closed.

11.45 to 11.55 – CIRCLE TIME/ KEY GROUP TIME – Children and staff come together at the end of the session or divide into key groups to participate in a group activity, such as story telling, singing, dancing, games or talking.

11.55 to 12.00 – HOME TIME – Children gather their coats and bags and line up inside the doors.  A member of staff releases each child only when they see their parent/carer is waiting on the playgroup property.