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Our Outfit

We are proud to share details and photographs of our setting with you. 


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful large outdoor area in which our children can play, explore and learn. We have the following designated areas:


Forest School Area

Play Equipment


Mud Kitchen

Reading Circle

Construction Area


In the forest school area, children learn through outdoor play and exploration. We have raised beds for the children to learn about plant life cycles and to experience the enjoyment of watching seeds or plants that they have planted grow. We also have binoculars and magnifying glasses to watch bird and bug life and we also have a bug hotel, bird boxes and feeders and wild areas to encourange wildlife into our garden.


Messy Play

From play dough to painting, goo to sand, there is a different indoor activity set up each day.  

Role Play

The role play area is changed regularly. Whether it's a police station, a farm shop, hospital, outer space or Jurassic era landscape, our staff are very imaginative and creative! 


Construction Area

This is a floor space where children can use building blocks, set up train tracks, farms etc.

Craft Tables

Used for arts and crafts, jigsaws and fine motor skill activities.

Baby Room

A room dedicated to meeting the needs of under 2s with sensory stimuli, space for floor based play and exploration and of course, nap time. Babies have a dedicated member of staff. 

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