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About Us ....

We take pride in providing a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment for our children, with the opportunity to play both inside and outdoors.  We have a wonderful large outdoor play area and promote free play for our children – play is children’s work!  In play, children develop problem solving skills, expand and refine their language as they talk and listen to others, they learn about people, try different roles and adjust to working together.

Our main objectives
  • To develop language skills through story telling and discussing activities.

  • To promote independence.

  • To encourage good social skills, emphasise sharing and concern for others, politeness and  good manners.

  • To enjoy a range of physical activities appropriate to the stage of development.

  • Music appreciation: encouraging the use of musical instruments and singing.

  • To achieve an interest in science  through activities such as water and sand play and the study of nature.

  • To develop pre-reading and writing skills, along with number and letter recognition and to develop a good relationship with the Reception class teacher at the Thomas Bullock Primary School, Shipdham.


The pre- School is registered with ​OFSTED who make regular inspections in accordance with the

Childrens Act 1989 (section 76).  Click here to view the report from our latest Ofsted inspection, 

for which we received 'Good'. This inspection was carried out in 2017. Since then, we have changed

our name from Shipdham Playgroup to Shipdham Preschool and received a new Ofsted number; 2618962.

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